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Meeting the needs of a modern family

Don’t Move, Improve…

As the saying goes “Don’t Move – Improve”. It seems that two thirds of British homeowners agree. With data from Post Office Money showing that homeowners spent £295bn renovating their homes between 2013-2018, were you amongst them? Average spend £ 14,015 Average increase in value of property £ 40,000

Families that eat together, stay together

Families that eat together, stay together? Well, I don’t know if that statement is outdated but for me at least, when I think of a family unit sharing a meal around a dinner table, it makes me happy and contented. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t eat dinner together with my family, but I was surprised to learn that this is not the norm, …

What Do Customers Really Care About ?

Most companies at one time or another will ask themselves, what do customers really care about? There are many factors that can influence the consumer decision making process. When considering home improvements, the customer may notice their living space is not meeting the current needs of a growing family and decide adding a rooflight to …