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Phase 3 : Installation

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Phase 3 : Installation

Q:  Can I pay you to install it for me?

A:  We do not offer an installation service.

Fitting instructions are provided. The products are delivered pre assembled to enable minimum assembly on site typically one day for two persons.


Q:  I want to get someone to install this, where can I find a fitter?

Aspire Rooflights Limited provide all customers with fitting instructions and maintenance information recommended by the manufacturers.

In addition we provide a fully assembled product and guidance on builders kerb required all to minimise on site installation time.  We have also written a useful blog about the steps you can take when choosing a builder.

Q:  Will there be a mess?

A: The rooflight is supplied partially assembled.

However,  there will be a degree of mess as a result of opening up the roof to fix it down to.  This is something that your installer can talk you through.

Q:  How easy is it to fix?

A:  We give concise installation instructions and the roof part is already made up.

There will be 2 -4 people required to lift into place and only limited amount of  drilling to secure the rooflight to the frame or roof.

Q:  Will I need scaffolding?

A:  Yes, scaffolding will be necessary.

This does not need to be overly intrusive, two small low height platforms to help bring the rooflight to the correct height or a scaffold jack.

Q:  What tools will I need

A:  You will a Phillips screwdriver,  a drill and a jack or scaffolding.

Q:  Where do I get the jack or scaffolding from

A:  There is a link on our other products page to where these can be hired from.