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Phase 1 : Planning & Research

Meeting the needs of a modern family

Phase 1 : Planning & Research

Q: I don’t know what size to order?

A: Order the rooflight that will fit the internal kerb size.

Aspire rooflights do not sit directly on your flat roof. All Aspire rooflights will need to sit on a structural kerb (sometimes referred to as an upstand), the structural kerb will sit on your existing rafters.

If you have an architects drawing it will show two measurements, the internal kerb (this is the size of the rooflight) and the external kerb size (this is the size of the opening/ hole).   A guide to measuring a kerb can be found here.

Drawings will also show the thickness of the kerb so your builder will know what to prepare ahead of installing the aluminium rooflight.

All Aspire rooflights come with a detailed specification, however it is the customers responsibility to order the correct size. It is the customers responsibility to check that their roof will bear the weight of the rooflight (weights are provided in the specification).

It is advisable to seek guidance from a suitably qualified structural engineer about the viability of the project.

Q:  What is the environmental impact?

A: We use aluminium, which is a sustainable material and 100% recyclable.

Further information can be found at:

Q:  What size should I order?

A: This depends on your needs. We sell all sizes of rooflight, you should measure up and check our store.

To order measure the actual hole in the roof. This is the internal size of the rooflight.

Your rooflight will sit on a wooden builder’s kerb which is shown on the specification for each product.

Q:  Temperature control, is it like a greenhouse?

A:  The glazing bar is thermally broken.

It keeps the heat out in the summer and heat in in the winter. Solar controlled glass is advisable to help deflect the heat coming from the sun through the glass and is available as an add on item.

Further information available at:

Q:  What ventilation options do you offer?

A:  Ventilation is available as an add on item by simple worm gear manual pole operated or an electrically operated vent is available.

Please note that electrical wiring is not included and you will need a competent electrician to install and commission. Orders with vents will also have increase  delivery times of up to two weeks.

We recommend trade body NICEIC.

Further information available at:

Q:  Do I need planning permission?

A: We encourage you to check the below links.

Full information can be found at:

Q:  Do I need an architect:

A: There is no legal obligation to employ an architect – it is up to you.

In some cases an artist impression may be beneficial.

Further information can be found at:

Q:  Will I need structural supports?

A:  All weights are provided with each product.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide adequate support structure.

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