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Don’t Move, Improve…

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Don’t Move, Improve…

As the saying goes “Don’t Move – Improve”. It seems that two thirds of British homeowners agree. With data from Post Office Money showing that homeowners spent £295bn renovating their homes between 2013-2018, were you amongst them?

Average spend £ 14,015

Average increase in value of property £ 40,000

But what is the biggest reason for undertaking a home improvement project?  Well homes that added a new kitchen, garden landscaping, extension or walk in wardrobes were on the market for more than 10% higher*. Yet this only represents 5% of those surveyed. The most popular reason was to improve the look, at 59%, followed by a good investment, at 28%.

* (based on the median asking price for a three-bed semi valued £ 286,000)

Before embarking on a new project most homeowners are unsure about planning permission. Its not uncommon to hear;

“Do I Need Planning Permission?”  “How Big can a building be without planning permission?”  “What’s a permitted development?”

In 2008 the government increased the size limits for permitted developments to kick start the building industry following the recession. But this was a temporary solution with an end date.

Planning permission

But good news! The increased size limits for single-storey rear extensions that were previously time limited and due to expire on 30 May 2019 have now been made permanentby government.

This means that an extension or addition to your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, however there are limits and conditions which can be found here;

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