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Families that eat together, stay together

Meeting the needs of a modern family

Families that eat together, stay together

Families that eat together, stay together? Well, I don’t know if that statement is outdated but for me at least, when I think of a family unit sharing a meal around a dinner table, it makes me happy and contented.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t eat dinner together with my family, but I was surprised to learn that this is not the norm, in fact talking to friends and colleagues, I can see that whole families eating together is in decline. Gathering around the table is tradition being abandoned and its much more common to have a tray meal on the settee whilst watching the television on your own. Modern life sees family members coping with different schedules and demands on their time and arriving home at different times. It’s no wonder ready meals and pre prepared sauces have become so popular, saving precious time.

My family mealtime routine started as a child in the 1970’s, with one working and one stay at home parent, it was a very traditional setting. My mom was always there when I came back from school and dinner was always ready on time. In fact, ‘tea time’ was our name for the evening meal and our dining table would be used every day. My mom would lock herself away in the kitchen making meals from scratch, my brothers and sisters would help set the table and we would all carry dishes into a separate room. The best meals were family style, where we could all help ourselves from the large servers.

The Easter Holidays are here and this means most children will be enjoying a two week break from school. If you’re staying at home this year, why not organize a family get together, a multi-generational gathering. Or why not take a moment to see how you are using your existing space and make this Easter break the time you plan your next home improvement project. 

Looking back I can see how much better it would have been if the whole family could have been together during the preparation stage instead of in different rooms separate by brick walls. Opening up our houses for modern living is a much more social experience, enabling the cook to interact and chat with the rest of the household. It allows children to watch their food being prepared, encouraging them to try their own cooking skills and experiment with new foods.

When planning a home improvement project the kitchen is a great option. Adding an Aspire rooflight to your kitchen extension will create a modern, social living space for all the family fit for 21st century living.