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Month: April 2019

Meeting the needs of a modern family

Who left the light on?

Does that sound familiar?  It does in my house, I could spend hours walking from room to room as one of my children has invariably forgotten to turn the light off when they leave a room. But its not just evenings and night-time this happens, I’m always surprised how often we all use light switches …

Ready For A Challenge?

It seems my inbox is always full of ever adventurous ways to challenge yourself in the name of charity.  A sky dive, climb the highest summits, run a marathon, a triathlon, you get the picture. Whilst these are great ways to promote and raise much needed funds for great causes, spare a thought to the …

Families that eat together, stay together

Families that eat together, stay together? Well, I don’t know if that statement is outdated but for me at least, when I think of a family unit sharing a meal around a dinner table, it makes me happy and contented. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t eat dinner together with my family, but I was surprised to learn that this is not the norm, …