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Good bye January, Hello February. It’s Time to fall in love with your home

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Good bye January, Hello February. It’s Time to fall in love with your home

Why does January seem so long!  It makes no sense; seven other months share the same number of days. Perhaps December was just to packed with parties, celebrations and gift giving, not to mention time off work for some and of course were you one of the lucky ones who got paid early too?

January can
seem the polar opposite, the time new year’s resolutions start and fail, the
dreaded credit card bill dropping through the letter box, pay day seeming a
lifetime away and after spending so much time at home over Christmas it’s not
surprising that January is also a time most home owners decide to budget for home
improvements. The anti-climax of a busy December is a January that seems dull
and boring. Thank goodness February has arrived, and there is so much to look
forward to.

With just 28
days February is the host month of our most loved celebration, Valentine’s Day!
 Will you be heading to the shops to buy
champagne and chocolates this year or maybe plan a romantic home cooked meal
for your valentine? After all, one of the greatest acts of love is to cook for

Why not try
a menu inspired by Venice based food writer for Marks & Spencer that’s both
decadent and warming and promises a three course magical valentine meal to remember?
To start a white wine winter soup, onto the mains with a fennel and pecorino
tartlet and for dessert a coffee and walnut cake with mascarpone icing.

With kitchen
dining extensions the most popular position for a rooflight, whatever you do on
14th February, being able to gaze up at the night sky from the
comfort of your own home makes an Aspire Rooflight the perfect backdrop for