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We need to talk…..

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We need to talk…..

Why are we so frightened when we hear this phrase? W

Why are we so frightened when we hear
this phrase?  Being on the receiving end
of this phrase conjures up all sorts of terrible things and is most associated
with receiving bad news. It can be equally challenging being on the other side,
initiating difficult conversations. But have you ever lied about your mental
health to avoid this situation?

Time to change say “The overwhelming majority of people with
mental health problems report being misunderstood by family members, shunned
and ignored by friends, work colleagues and health professionals, called names
and much worse by neighbours.

Stigma and discrimination prevent people from seeking
help: this can delay treatment and impair recovery.  It isolates people,
excluding them from day-to-day activities and making it hard to build new
relationships or sustain current ones. It can stop people getting or keeping

Experiencing a mental health problem is hard enough,
without having to deal with the shame and isolation that often comes with it

Time to talk
is an initiative that encourages us all to talk about mental health. After all,
mental health affects one in four of us. More details can be found at;

It’s time to talk mental health

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explains how to improve and maintain your mental health wellbeing at