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Fitting a rooflight…. is that hard to do?

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Fitting a rooflight…. is that hard to do?

How easy really is it ?

We do not offer an installation service; our experience shows that a typical customer has already engaged a builder for their home improvement project. Supply only can also be very cost effective, it would not be unusual to find that installation inclusive competitors would see the customer pay double or triple the cost of the rooflight.

But our customers often ask us how easy it is to install.  We believe by providing clear step by step fitting instructions with every order this is possible. Delivering a  pre-assembled product,  installation can be completed by two persons in one day.

You will need to follow just five easy steps:

  1. Take delivery of your partially assembled rooflight

Choose a date and time of your choice, no on-site assembly required. The rooflight arrives fully pre-assembled.

  1. Fix direct to your builder’s kerb

During the order processing stage your builder will construct the builders kerb. The rooflights will sit directly onto the builder’s kerb.

  1. Screw in place

Then you simply screw the rooflight into place.

  1. Fit Double glazed units

Once fixed in place, its time to glaze the rooflight. The double-glazed units will be delivered at the same time as your rooflight so no time is lost.

  1. Fix caps in place

Once glazed its time for the finishing touches, just fix caps in place.

Aspire Rooflights Limited  is an online rooflight shop, offering quality products at an affordable price.  High end aluminium, powder coated rooflights at a price that is within everyone’s budget.