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Energy Efficency Solutions – Brrr Baby it’s cold outside

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Energy Efficency Solutions – Brrr Baby it’s cold outside

BRRRR Baby its cold outside

Did you know about the energy price cap which comes into force 1st January 2019 ?

With the average temperature in January between 2-7 degrees it couldn’t come soon enough for some. Energy regulator Ofgem * is introducing the price cap on all standard and default tariffs which calculates that a typical user on a standard variable or default fixed tariff would pay a maximum of £1137 on average per year paying direct debit.

Ofgem state that 54% ( that’s around 11 million households) are on expensive tariffs and often pay hundreds of pounds a year more in energy costs that the cheapest tariffs available. So that’s good news if you don’t like the hassle of negotiating or switching but money saving expert * believes that much more could be saved if users used a switching service.

But what more can be done?

Consumer group Which * have come up with ways to save on energy bills;

  1. Replace your boiler
  2. Buy energy efficient appliances
  3. Switch energy supplier
  4. Check you are on the cheapest tariff
  5. Use your thermostat effectively
  6. Insulate your walls and loft
  7. Replace light bulbs
  8. Cut draughts
  9. Don’t leave gadgets on standby
  10. Fit a water efficient shower head
  11. Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full
    Dry your clothes outside rather than tumble dry.

That’s a great list but is their something missing, what about your windows and rooflights ?

All properties lose heat through their windows* . But energy efficient glazing keeps your home warmer (and quieter) as well as reducing your energy bills. Being energy efficient can mean using Double, triple or secondary glazing or even heavier curtains!

Did you know …
Heat is lost through Single glazing around twice as fast as through standard double glazing 18% of heat loss occurs through windows

7% of UK households have no double glazing

Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap in between, usually about 16mm, to create an insulting barrier that keeps heat in. Materials that let less heat pass through them have lower U values. A U value is a measure of how easily heat can pass through a material.

All Aspire Rooflights are sold with Double glazed units as standard, so you can be reassured that your new rooflight will be energy efficient.