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Aftercare instructions

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Aftercare instructions

We encourage customers to plan routine maintenance of their rooflight. Not only will this keep the product looking great, it will also prolong the life and improve the performance and safety of your roof. Following the manufacturers maintenance guidelines and after care instructions will also help in the event of a defect under the warranty.

Another important consideration of regular rooflight maintenance is to ensure your home’s security and energy efficiency.

The rooflight is designed to take an impact of up to 15 stone however we would not advise walking on the rooflight. The safest way to access the rooflight for maintenance would be for two people with a  ladder or scaffold. Never access heights alone or if you are feeling unwell.

All glass supplied is Self clean glass, this means that every time it rains, the rain will wash debris from glass. Further information can be found at :


You will still need to have access for cleaning the aluminium bars to keep in optimum condition so we have put together a useful maintenance guide that covers :

General, Access for maintenance and cleaning, Inspection, Cleaning.

Find out more information here:   Aftercare Instructions

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